IRS Tax Lien

A Federal Tax Lien is the governments legal claim against your property when you have neglected or failed to pay your taxes. It is also called the "Silent Lien" because it arises automatically after the IRS has assessed the tax, sent  a notice asking the taxpayer to pay and the taxpayer has neglected or refused to may a timely payment.

IRS then files a Notice of Federal Tax Lien to inform other creditors that it has a claim over your property including priority over other creditors. This ensures that the interest of the government is protected. 

How does a Lien Affect You?

  • A Federal Tax Lien attaches to all the assets owned by the taxpayer including future assets.
  • IRS Lien shows up on your credit report, ruins your credit and often prevents you from getting a car loan, credit card  or getting a loan against your assets. 
  • A Tax Lien also clouds the title to your property and makes it difficult to sell or transfer real estate or even refinance your home without first resolving the lien.
  • If you are a business, the lien attaches to all the business property, all rights to business property including accounts receivable. 
  • Tax Liens continues in effect after Bankruptcy
  • If the tax owed is not paid off, Tax Liens stay in effect for up to 10 years after the tax has been assessed 

If you ignore an IRS tax lien, the IRS can and will proceeds with seizing your assets by way of issuing a tax levy. 

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